Post-Admission Process


Students receive permission for the admission deposit and the preparatory course payment:
Students should submit their payment for admission deposit and the preparatory course in order to formalize their admission, once they have been notified by the staff of the University to do so as well as keep their receipt as proof of payment.

The admission deposit will be accredited to the total amount of the first academic term tuition fee.       

Payment confirmed (Wire transfer, credit card, Paypal, check):
Payment must be made and the student must present a copy of the payment voucher in order to prove that the payment has been completed.

Open student academic file:  
Once the payment is confirmed, the admissions office will proceed to open a record for the student containing both personal and institutional information.                

Preparatory Course (8 weeks)
In order to prepare new students for the demands of the O&Med curriculum and enhance their academic performance, the Plan of Study integrates an 8-week extracurricular Preparatory Course. This course delivers mathematics, physics, biology and chemistry contents, and provides students with additional tools to improve their knowledge in basic sciences, through a variety of teaching and assessments approaches, including the Problem-Based Learning (PBL) methodology.

Tuition, lab & maintenance fee payment:
Student should make the appropriate payment to the University in order to continue with the induction process.

If these payments are not received by the University, the Post-admission process will be kept on hold.

Provide Student ID:  
Students will be provided with a Student ID so they can access the facilities and common areas of the University, use the Knowledge Center and for other purposes.              

Induction process (Orientation Week):
The induction process, delivered during the orientation week and equivalent to 1 educational credit, is the first requirement to be met by students. It must be completed before classes start in order to explain to students the system we use, the rules of the school and to familiarize students with the institution. During this week the students will also receive a welcome pack and participate in a White Coat ceremony.